Calendar Cats: Charity Calendar for 2019

Recently we added a news post asking for your pet photos for our 2019 Charity Calendar! You did not disappoint and we appreciate your time and effort in helping out!

Over the next few weeks we will create some posts showing the entrants. If you haven’t done so you can still upload your pet photos here.

Murphy. So well behaved and rules the roost.

Sid doesn’t like coming to see James and I’m sure James doesn’t like it when Sid comes to see him either!

Ollie. He scratches his bum on the leg of the bed lol.

Max. He likes to lick the rind of melon and a good chin scratch.


Casper is a rescue cat who only came to us a few months ago. He already rules the roost. He has the dog tortured (and us!!)

Bear is from assisi had him from 10 weeks old he is now 7 and loves watching the waves from the window.

Fluffys favourite toys are kinder egg shells!