Calendar Dogs: Charity Calendar for 2019

Recently we added a news post asking for your pet photos for our 2019 Charity Calendar! You did not disappoint and we appreciate your time and effort in helping out!

Over the next few weeks we will create some posts showing the entrants. If you haven’t done so you can still upload your pet photos here.






Libi is full of fun & would play all day long!

Loki. Our budding little photographer


We got a dogcam to see what Daley is up to when we’re not at home, much to our surprise we’ve found he likes to take naps on our kitchen table!

Gizmo & Clio – Inseparable





Sansa is a happy gentle puppy, she follows right behind your heels everywhere you go.

Marshall is the sweetest & funniest pup about

Kovi. The happiest and sweetest wee Chi in the world.

Blue. A total wee minx full of life, but can melt your heart with those big eyes.

Penny. The more you tilt your head the better you can hear!

Ollie, Bobbi & Oscar. All rescue dogs .. All cute 🙂
Oscar died 16th june 18

Wurzel is a top bird chaser and sock thief!


Rita and Heidi



Meg was received from Assis and now has a great home and loves her ball.

Lucy is now a grumpy old lady who now only likes eating, sleeping and walking.

Lexi has recently become a lovely mum to 3 beautiful babies. She’s the boss in our house.

Honey loves to play with one small bit of food rather than toys. One piece of kibble keeps her entertained for ages.

Katie and Penny

Oscar goes to work every day with his daddy 👨🏻🐶

Toby & Rufus

Above we have Cooper owned by Ronald Kenning. As you can see he has to be touching humans whilst having a doggie doze!

Here we have Lady. She’s a rescue. Laura says she has a great character and always runs and jumps on settee before you can sit down!


McKenzie likes Cooling down in the cows’ water trough during the hot summer weather!



Meet Max who knows how to open closed doors by using his paw to push the handle down!

Texas is the Champion of Great Britain, Ireland & Luxembourg but his favourite thing is sucking his furry blanket in front of the fire!

Vivien and Ivar. Bonnie tells us “In the mornings when we get the dog food ready for their breakfast they will tell us ‘good morning’ by yawning and doing a friendly growl”

We rescued Bobbi from lost and Found and turned him into a real poodle (which he hates) lol we are now patiently waiting on his beard to grow back to make him look like a Teddy bear poodle again!!

Bella & Rosie. David says Bella is the queen and Rosie is a bit simple :-). No doubt Rosie has you all fooled to get things her way!


Lucy is a 14yr old west highland terrier, who last year was adopted all the way from Dublin. Lucy suffers from westie skin, but is doing very well on Apoquel. She has a wonderful nature and has her own facebook page. Lucy the Westie

Harry. If he doesn’t get my wotsits he won’t speak to me for hours he hides his treats in the garden then cries because he forgot where he put them.

Charlie loves to go touring in his caravan.

Collie is Dexter Penndragon. Padderdale is Merlin Wizard.
Merlin is turning 10 in the new year he is the fastest thing on four legs if you have a ball in hand Dexter has turned 3 this year. Is as smart as a whip and also tells merlinot off for lagging behind whole running at the beach xx



Bear Fox will literally cry and moan with his chew in his mouth until he has a fluffy throw to lie on so he can eat it in full comfort… #Spoilt

The late Harvey.. always a gentleman.


Cooper owned by Grace Shields. Bow ties are his signature look!


Odie is a cross between a jack Russell Terrier and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He lives with his 5 owners and his 2 cat brothers and sisters who he loves very much. He is such a lovable friendly little character who makes us laugh every single day. We can’t imagine life without him anymore.

Bentley is a lhasa apso and loves out for runs at the beach


Gracie is the least graceful dog in the world!

Elsa -Golden Lab , Zara -choc Lab , Penny -cavalier King Charles, Harry- Black Lab.

Ozzy is obsessed with destroying footballs. He even tackled a Swiss training ball once!

Poppy and Gracie. They will only visit the vets together.

Scarlett a wee rescue dog who just loves company & the sun.


Boris, Darcy & Harry

Stark can pick up anything on demand. It started with underpants that fell off the laundry basket and now it is literally everything. He is such a great little (overactive) helper!

Teddy tries to hide under the nearest cushion when his nose halter has to be put on he thinks you cant see him. When watching tv he looks behind the tv to see where the people or animals are. He has an adopted sister and brother my sisters rescue cats Kali and lockie they all love to cuddle on the sofa and on my sisters bed. Teddy will bring his rope toy over to kali wanting her to play without realising how small she is.


Bea means “she brings happiness”. At five months old she certainly does that with never a dull moment.

Rory. He can only walk on carpeted floors, we had to get our whole house carpeted when he decided he no longer liked laminate floors.

Suki the Bee chaser.

Thelma & Nova. They are 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd/Husky/Akita crosses, brother and sister (Thelma is the grey and Nova the white)/ In the first year and a half they went through 3 sofas and were on first name terms with the Bangor wardens and the super helpful people on the Lost and Found facebook page but since we moved to the country in January and now work from home with them they have turned into absolute angels, well most of the time anyway 🙂

Roxy is my daughters best friend she has autism and roxy is like a wee therapy dog for her she just loves her.

Blaze’s party trick is to bark when asked to speak. He is a great dog for a convo!

Milo just loves to play and have cuddles and lots off walks xx

Lottie was a scared wee rescue dog until we got her a kitten, Odin has helped her so much.

Teddy is a character – he is known by many people in Banbridge. When I am out for a walk – people say “Hello Teddy” and don’t know my name!

Stevie. He’s a huge stevie nicks fan (I hope) he he

Toby, Hugo & Bobby

Louie is 16 weeks old likes to be center of attention at all times.

Storm. He is such a big softy who loves his cuddles. He is a very loyal caring dog who loves to play with his two year old human sister.


Oreo pats her paws on the ground when she gets excited.


Ted Gorman




Dexter Penndragon Ball. Our Very smart 3 year old border Collie who.loves playing with a little rag dog called Suzi.

Bella. She could never bark only ever sneeze when she tried.

Zak is as stubborn as a mule and the boss of Ollie. 🐾❤
Ollie loves attention and paws your arm for a rub.🐾❤

Peanut will stare out of the window when “daddy” goes out waiting for him to come back, even though we recently put up new blinds that she can’t actually see through.

Ozzy likes to bark at my mum when she goes out of the house to have a cigarette as soon as he sees her lifting the packet he goes mad! Never mind NRT all you need is a mad mini Yorkie

Wicket loves cuddles

Pippa is a wee rescue dog from almost home rescue centre in moria. She was 1 of 17 dogs rescued from a puppy farm . She was 12mnths old we took her home that was 4 years ago she is such a cute adorable dog who loves to play . Is a real part of our family.



Tj loves to roll on any new piece of food!





Sophie & Jackson

Ember loves socks, we regularly find her wondering the house with a sock in her mouth!

Ruby Carser


Titch. He sleeps with his tongue out and he sits like a meerkat.

Bella is akin to a meerkat – she spends more time standing on her two back feet than on all fours!

Milo loves being dressed up.

Bella. She always barked when the ice cream man came round to get someone to take her out for an ice cream and Sammy always had one ready for her ❤️🐶




Sasha loves the sofa lol




From the left – Delta, Seth, Scarlett ,Kali, Bo, Grunt & Rogue

Mac & Kobi