Cody brought back from the brink

At first we thought this little dog brought to us by a member of the public would have to be put down. He arrived in a terrible state, starving, bedraggled, eyes dull, hardly moving. It seemed it was the end of the road until our vet James Buick took a closer look and discovered he was only a puppy and just only seven months old.

James said: “When I spoke to the caller, he explained that a dog had turned up, emaciated and on death’s door. I asked him to bring him to the clinic and assumed that he would be an old dog with kidney failure or cancer that would need to be put to sleep.

When I saw him however, it was clear from his teeth that he was quite young. He had a twinkle in his eye and as he was showing no signs of pain, so I thought we should give him a chance. He was so thin he could barely stand but he tried and tried.

When I fed him, he wolfed it down and looked so thankful. We put him on a drip and gave him some parasite treatments and some vitamins to build him up.

Over the following few days, Cody began to gradually gain some strength and with every passing hour, his wonderful friendly nature began to shine through. We had never seen a dog so grateful to be treated. He never once barked, complained or snapped at us and greeted us with a wagging tail every time we went to his kennel.

Soon, he had captured the heart of Tabitha, one of our vet nurses, who decided to adopt him. With a little bit of TLC, he fitted in perfectly to her family and can be seen here enjoying two of his favourite activities… chewing his toy and playing the Playstation! He was truly one of the most rewarding cases we have ever worked on!

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