Mrs Karen Lennie and her pet Lucy

They are simply unbelievable at Ards Veterinary Clinic. I cannot praise them enough. I would usually be reluctant to make recommendations but in this case I cannot speak more highly of James Buick, our vet. Lucy our Norfolk Terrior, is a diabetic dog.

She also has cushings disease and had previously been in for a dislocated hip which was operated on by James. Honestly, James cannot do enough for your pets. He knows them and us by name and treats us like one of his own.

I remember one Christmas how sick Lucy was and James came out to give her an injection. Even on Christmas day!

The compassion he showed us when we had to put our other little dog, Robbie a Rough Collie, down was incredible talking us through the process and staying with our family to the very last minute until we buried him in the ground.

Recently I hired a dog sitter, Alison, to look after Lucy. James, as usual, has gone beyond our expectations by offering her his private mobile number in case anything goes wrong. That reassures me hugely when I’m not around.