Mrs Donna Fisher and her rescue pets

I’ve been rescuing animals now for over twenty years and so I’m in and out of Comber Veterinary Clinic on almost a weekly basis. The staff, the nurses, the vets, James and Rob are just wonderful and never make you feel as if you are too much trouble.

These days, I have stopped rescuing and now have two dogs and 26 casts. At one point I had between 80 and 100 of them. I have also worked previously in animal sanctuaries so I’ve met a vet or two in my life.

But I can safely say both James and Rob are among the two of the very best I have worked with. They are superb.

Nothing is too much trouble for them. Given the animals I have rescued, they can be blind, feral, senile, diabetic, or may have missing limbs. Very often I would have to ring Robert late at night and get him out of bed.

I know he has a young family but he never complains and the service they provide is also very reasonably priced. At Comber and Ards Veterinary Clinic, they always go the extra mile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.