Dog Neutering & Cat Neutering at Ards & Comber Vets

Extend life and prevent straying in both dogs and cats. June is neutering month at Ards & Comber vets.

For the month of June, we are offering a reduced price for cat and dog neutering. Neutering is a routine procedure which is carried out in the majority of young pets for various health reasons.

The primary reason is to prevent unwanted kittens and puppies but there are also many good health reasons for having ‘The Snip!’.

In male cats, neutering helps prevent the change from cute, playful kitten to smelly aggressive Tom cat. It helps reduce the incidence of smelly urine spraying and makes them less likely to fight and stray.

In female cats, the obvious benefit is the reduction in kittens. A female cat or Queen cat can produce up to 3 litters a year. This can result in up to 20 kittens, which are fertile from around 4 months old. Everyone loves kittens, however our local rescue centres are full. Our advice is don’t breed, adopt.

With male dogs, a lot of the reasons for neutering are behavioural related. At around 6 months of age your dog may have developed territorial aggression or has a particular sexual attraction to your leg or sofa. Neutering should fix this problem. An added bonus of removing the testicles, is it removes the risk of testicular cancer in later life. A neutered dog is less likely to stray. A male dog can smell a female in heat for almost 1 mile away.

Neutering at female dog at 6 months old will reduce the risk of mammary cancers later in life and will remove the risk of developing a potentially fatal womb infection called Pyometra.

This condition manifests itself after a heat ends and produces a nasty discharge and hugely enlarged uterus. The treatment involves neutering at that stage so prevention is definitely better than cure.

June Neutering Save £20 for Dogs & £10 for Cats

Generally we will neuter dogs from 6 months old and cats from 4 months, however there are a few exceptions for certain cases.

If you would like to discuss your own pet, please give us a call. Remember for the month of June we are offering £20 off dog neutering and £10 off for cats.