October can be a lovely month as the weather changes, the leaves fall and thoughts turn to bonfires, toffee apples and trick or treat.

Unfortunately for our pets, bonfire season can be an anxious time as explosions from fireworks can wreak havoc on super-sensitive ears and lead to awful problems with anxiety and stress.

Fortunately we have several different options available to help with Noise Phobia at this or any other time of year to help with pets and fireworks safety.

General Tips:

We recommend anticipating the noise early and beginning treatment accordingly. Many anxiolytic medications take a few days or weeks to build up the necessary level in the bloodstream. By starting early, we can allow for this to happen and also keep an eye out for side effects.

On the night itself, we recommend preparing a safe place for your dog to escape to…possibly a den under the stairs with blankets, toys and some treats. An old sweaty t-shirt is ideal as it reminds them that their human is there for them. Also, drawing the curtains helps reduce flashes of light and insulates to reduce sound levels.

Turning up the radio with a calm, constant sound level helps too. Classic FM or talk radio are great but if your dog has different musical tastes, be our guest to try whatever works!

We can supply several treatments for the house, including Pet Remedy, a valerian compound, which can be sprayed into the safe spot or diffused through the whole house on a plug in diffuser and can work wonders in calming dogs and cats.

We can also supply herbal treatments like nutracalm, which use a naturally occurring compound, L-tryptophan to help allay some fears. Again, nutracalm works best when you start early.

Finally, we have several prescription medications that can be used up to and including bonfire night itself. These drugs would require a health check before prescription, so please remember not to leave it too long.

As ever, we are on call 24/7 to help out but preparation is key!