Fleas & Ticks

As I write on the first day of May, there is a hint of spring in the air.

For dog owners, spring means brighter evenings for longer walks, trips to the beach and games in the garden.

Our feline friends enjoy the first hints of the new season too… They’re so grateful they might start bringing us some unexpected presents from their hunting sprees!

Two other types of less cute critters that enjoy this time of year are fleas and ticks.

As temperatures increase, these nasty creepy crawlies are able to survive longer in grass and the general environment, multiplying at an astonishingly high rate. However, all these parasites need food, in the form of the blood from a lovely healthy cat or dog that might pass by.

As they latch on, they get transported into your house, where they may decide to hang around for a while.

Fleas cause pruritus or itching on dogs and cats as they feed, which leads to hair loss, skin conditions and general annoyance for owners listening to the constant scratching of an affected pet all day and all night.

Ticks also carry diseases such as Lyme’s Disease, which have become more prevalent in the UK in recent years.

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