Independent Local Veterinary Care

At Ards and Comber Vets, we value our independence.

In recent years, veterinary care has changed dramatically in Northern Ireland. Many of us can cast our minds back to years ago, each town may have had one ‘James Herriott’ type practice where tweed jacket wearing gents looked after everything from horses to cows and occasionally the odd farmer’s dog.

As time went on, pets took an evermore important place in our families and as such, many practices started to concentrate more on their welfare. The past few years have seen an expansion of large ‘corporate owned’ or ‘chain’ veterinary clinics, where venture capitalists in London or New York await the dividends from your pet’s treatment in Northern Ireland.

As a proud, independent local business, we value the ability to make our own decisions on what works best for our patients, not having to worry about anonymous shareholders in the process.

We know that our success depends on providing a friendly, knowledgeable service for your pet at a fair price.

We are delighted to have served you and your pets for thirteen years and hope to do so for many years to come!

Existing clients can request a booking online 24/7. If you are not yet a customer you can also Request an Appointment via our website or message us on Facebook and join our local friendly practice where your pet is our priority.