Pet Nail Clipping Service

Nail clipping is a skill and the best option is to have an experienced person carry out the painless procedure. Nail clipping is usually completed within 15 minutes by one of the teams veterinary nurses in either or our practices, Newtownards or Comber. You can request a booking here.

Many of our clients travel the short distance from Belfast to our practice. The most popular is the dog nail clipping service, however we provide a nail clipping service for cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and other small furries.

Frequent trimming is recommended. If you leave the nails until they become too long, there is a possibility they may curl inwards, into the skin, and eventually cause an infection.

Key Facts About Pet Nail Clipping

Dogs who have regular exercise on a hard surface may not need their nails clipping so regularly. Dogs that lead a gentler lifestyle may need their nails clipped more often.

Our experienced veterinary nurses will only trim the hook end of the nail to avoid cutting the blood vessel which naturally grows towards the tip of the nail. Clipping the nails too short can cause pain & bleeding.

Clipping your cats nails makes life more comfortable for both of you. It goes without saying that sharp cat nails inflict more damage than trimmed ones.

Our expertise enables us to trim off the very ends of the nails which can prevent painful broken claws that result when a sharp tip gets caught in the carpet. Having those claws a little less sharp will reduce the damage to your home furnishings.

If you need some advice on nail clipping you can contact us online.