Dotty the Yorkie

The end of January brought us a little sweetheart Yorkshire terrier who our nurses named Dotty. She had been brought in by a member of the public who had seen her hit by a car in Comber. 
Unfortunately on x-ray, she was suffering from a broken pelvis and dislocated hip. While we rested her for a few days to see what sort of function she had in her leg, we searched high and low for her owner. She had been microchipped but the chip had never been registered, so we came up against a dead end in our search.

We followed a few leads but eventually ended up taking possession of her with a view to finding her a lovely home once her surgery was performed.

Robert and Martsje operated on Tuesday and we are pleased to say Dotty seems to be making a good recovery. She’ll hopefully go off to foster care with our friends at Lost & Found Pets at theend of the week, with a view to permanent rehoming once she’s made a full recovery.

The moral of the tale…make sure your pets are microchipped but also that their details are up to date. People move house and change phone numbers and if your microchip still holds your old details, it’s no use if your pet goes missing.

If you are unsure, we are happy to scan and check your chip details for free at any of our clinics.

If your pet hasn’t been chipped, it’s only £15 to get the peace of mind that their registered and traceable back to you!

For everyone asking, we operated on Dotty pro-bono. Lost & Found Pets will be in charge of the rehoming and as they are a completely voluntary organisation, they would appreciate your donations towards their ongoing work. You can donate and buy our charity calendars here:

Charity Calendar 2019

All proceeds go to Lost and Found Pets.

We all know the importance of pet insurance as a safety blanket for when things go wrong and for February and March, we are offering a £50 voucher with every new Agria policy taken out. The voucher can be used for anything in the clinic…surgery, boosters, puppy packs, food etc etc…You could even buy £50 of squeaky dog treats! We won’t judge!

For details, please ask any of our staff and remember to mention our clinic when you register.

Vaccination Amnesty

We all know the importance of vaccinating our pets against infectious diseases. As well as protecting our dogs against Parvo, Distemper and Leptospirosis and our cats against Cat Flu, Feline Enteritis and Leukaemia, the vaccination consult is a valuable opportunity to touch base with your vet and discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health and wellbeing.

During your consult the vet can perform a full clinical examination and work on a plan to address any issues present.

When the vaccines lapse and go overdue by more than a few months, we sometimes need to start with a fresh course of two injections. Our vaccine amnesty means your pet can get this course restarted for the price of a single booster, giving a saving of up to £20.

If you feel your pet may need to restart their vaccinations, please contact the clinic for advice or to arrange an appointment.