October is Senior Pets Month at Ards & Comber Vets

During October, we have some fantastic offers for our golden oldies.
With the advances in veterinary care, our dogs and cats are living longer than ever before. The unfortunate result of this is that as they age, a number of conditions can arise that affect their quality of life.

For example, older dogs can suffer from arthritis, which may affect their mobility and cause stiffness on getting up or following exercise. Also, heart issues can creep in, resulting in a decreased desire to exercise and sometimes causing a persistent cough or wheezy chest.

Older cats can suffer from kidney or thyroid issues that may cause nausea, weight loss and lack of energy and senior pets of all species are statistically more likely to develop cancers as they age.

A senior health check is designed to address any concerns you might have about your Old Age Pets. During your consult we can discuss any conditions relevant to your pet and work on ways to address them. We will analyse a urine sample and perform a blood test to look for underlying problems with the kidneys and liver, so that we can best advise on the treatments available.

October Monthly Promotion

We would recommend the senior check to cats over 10 years of age and dogs over 8, but can check any animal if you’re concerned. For October, we are offering the full health check for £60, which represents a saving of over 25% on normal charges.

If you would like to avail of this offer, please contact the clinic by telephone or book online via the button below, remembering to mention the senior health check in your appointment request.